Custom Content Management Systems

“Wow! This WordPress - Drupal - Joomla template is just perfect and contains everything I need in all the right places! The back end is so intuitive and easy to use!”


So the search began for a better solution. One that would not only be easier for my clients to use, but would be faster to create and extremely customizable.



A Content Management System provides the ability for you to make changes to your own website after it’s finished. There are many popular solutions out there, and I’m happy to modify your existing template, but my favorite by far is Locomotive CMS, where I start from scratch and add ONLY WHAT YOU NEED to your "back office" in a concise, straightforward manner. While that may not mean anything to someone who has never been bewildered by their WordPress website before, it is music to the ears of those who have. If it sounds too costly to have a custom website and CMS created from scratch, you will be happy to learn that it usually costs LESS because the programming and coding is much more streamlined, without having find a template that works (kind of), and then wade through miles of extraneous coding to modify it. Not only that, Locomotive CMS has the ability to go much farther beyond the capabilities that WordPress and other common solutions have to offer.

The best measure of success is when my clients learn to edit their own websites easily after a short 10 minute training that can be done over the phone or a screen sharing session. And more importantly, they remember how to make changes even after not logging in for months at a time. It really is that easy!

The beauty of Locomotive CMS is that websites can be created the way they were meant to - without compromise, and with the client's needs and objectives in mind. Instead of forcing content into a template that doesn't quite work, while leaving out other vital elements (because, well... uh... there's no place to put THAT...), I start with the basics of a Bootstrap framework for full responsiveness and build a TRULY custom website.

Anyone looking for a Content Management System should start at the end - by requesting a demo of how the back end or "back office" works. This may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but the back end is the interface you will be using for years to come after your website is created. Don't get stuck with a klunky, cumbersome, frustrating solution. Your time and sanity are your most valuable assets. Contact me at to request a demo today!


Locomotive is a beautiful Open Source CMS that makes it super easy to develop and design exactly what you need.