Small Full Service Agency

I have been in the business for over 30 years, first as a graphic designer, and then as a web designer/developer and project manager. Over the years, I have added to my skillsets and have made great connections working with many different types of clients in different industries. I complete the vast majority of projects in-house myself. But for very large, multi-faceted projects, I put together a team of professionals best suited for your project.

Here's how it usually works:
It’s a common practice among advertising and design agencies to charge hourly agency rates of $85-$125/hour per person and then hire entry-level, inexperienced designers or programmers to work on your project for around $25-$45/hr. The result? You are paying top-notch prices for not-such-top-notch quality. Because of the inexperience, you are also paying for more hours than you should for a graphic designer or website programmer at the agency’s hourly rate!

So how is Under the Sun Graphics different?
I use only the most skilled professionals on every project. In fact, most team members are seasoned owners of their own small agencies. Yet the total cost to you for your project is far less and the quality of product and service surpasses the larger agencies.

How can this be?
It’s all in the markup and overhead - or to be more accurate, it’s in the LACK of markup and overhead. I charge NO MARKUP for the talent I hire. Each person gets paid for their time, and their time only. That way, your money goes directly to the skilled professionals, not the lining of my pockets. Not to the gal answering the phone. Not for a glitzy downtown office. Not for extra equipment and computers. Not to the bookkeeper. And definitely not to an entry-level freelancer operating at a slower pace without the years of experience to know what works and what doesn’t.

And speaking of markups...
I don’t put a markup on the other services you need, such as printing and website hosting services. I'm not knocking the agencies that do. It’s a conventional, standard practice and that’s how businesses traditionally make their money to pay all the overhead. But it’s what sets us apart from other agencies. My aim is to serve your business - and businesses nowadays need to watch every dime to make sure they are getting the best value possible.

Why do I do this?
I do this to rise above the competition and to meet my most valued objective, which is to provide high quality products and customer service at the best prices. I choose to accomplish that objective by raising my standards, not lowering quality. I am repaid, in turn, by enjoying business relationships with clients that lasts for years.

Freelancer, Sub-Contractor, Large Agency Support

About half of my clients are other agencies needing freelance services. If you are short on manpower and time, or need an extra boost of talent, I can communicate directly with your clients with the same friendly and responsive customer service as if they were my own. I am self-directed, needing no supervision, and will meet your deadlines so you can go on about your day worry-free.

My freelance, subcontractor services include:
• All types of graphics design, print and digital
• Website design
• Website programming (CSS, HTML)
• Customization of existing websites
(i.e.: Creating landing pages or modifying Shopify or WordPress templates)
• Creative Direction
• Project Management

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services include:

content management
branding strategy
trade show displays
app assets
email templates
project management